About us

JHK is devoted to helping displaced and conflict-affected people in Kurdistan. Our activities include: emergency relief, healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, civil society support, and rehabilitation for genocide survivors.

Though we are active in all areas of Kurdistan, our main work lays within an IDP-camp (internally displaced people’s camp) in the Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq. The population in the camp are part of the Yazidi minority who were forced to flee due to a genocide massacre by ISIS in 2014. They are unable to return home due to the ongoing instability.  The majority are children and young adults. You can see regular updates from the camp on our facebook page.

Aside from our work in the camp we provide medical services and emergency relief further afield through our mobile team in times of crisis. Most recently we have provided assistance to those displaced by conflict and ethnic cleansing in the Afrin and Kermanshah region.

We also work worldwide to spread information and promote awareness of the situation faced by displaced people in Kurdistan and the Yazidi Genocide of 2014. To date we have hosted events in Sweden, Finland, UK, Ireland and the USA.

The JHK-team contains of genuine individuals who show their utmost love towards the work and towards people in need. We like cooperation and have both medical and non-medical volunteers from Kurdistan as well as from all over the world working with us. We also have projects with other independent NGO:s. 

Our way and means are based upon donations and funding mainly from private individuals showing their support for our work, but also from other NGO:s who want to collaborate. All donations to us go 100 % to our work on the ground since we do not have either time nor interests in spending it on administration or fancy offices. Our board, senior management and international staff work entirely on a volunteer basis.


During the ISIS ignited humanitarian crisis that still is affecting hundreds of thousands of Yazidi’s and other minorities in Kurdistan, there continues to be a need to better provide and coordinate medical treatment in conjunction with other services essential for the survival of the victims.

Joint Help for Kurdistan was founded by a group of compassionate and concerned Swedish doctors in response to the August 2014 Shingal Massacre in Kurdistan. They could not ignore the human catastrophe that was unfolding before them, so they assembled a team of volunteers and set forth on a mission to help the growing number of sick, injured, and traumatized men, women, and children impacted by the Shingal Massacre.

From the grass root effort to save lives Joint Help for Kurdistan was established. The organization was officially registered in June 2015 in Sweden and later also officially registered in Kurdistan and in the United States.