Joint Help for Kurdistan was founded by a group of compassionate and concerned Swedish- Kurdish doctors in response to the August 2014 Shingal Massacre in Kurdistan.

During the current ISIS ignited humanitarian crisis that is affecting hundreds of thousands of Yazidi’s and other minorities in Kurdistan, there continues to be a need to better provide and coordinate medical treatment in conjunction with other services essential for the survival of the victims. A group of “take action” doctors living in Kurdistan could not ignore the human catastrophe that was unfolding before them in the fall of 2014, so they informally assembled a team of volunteers and set forth on an extraordinarily dangerous mission to help the growing number of sick, injured, and traumatized men, women, and children impacted by the Shingal Massacre.

From the grass root effort to save lives Joint Help for Kurdistan was established. The organization was registered in June 2015 in Sweden and later also officially registered in Kurdistan.