Health care center

In 2014 we started giving health care to over 15 000  IDP:s in one small cabin. Today the health clinic has evolved to a fully working health care center with 9 cabins and a hard-working team of medics. The center is the heart of our work in JHK. It was built piece by piece through kind donations and as an example of how important it has become to the habitants of BK-camp we can prouldy announce that according to our patient register a total number of 21,886 patients had been taken care of by our dedicated team during Jan 1st to Jun 1st in 2016 only.

Our medical team had already been in the field of humanitarian crisis when the 2014 Yazidi Genocide took place. With experience from our previous work with refugees in camp Domiz and camp Kawergosk as well as with IDP:s from Mosul and the rest of Iraq, we, despite the lack of statistics about the on-going crisis concluded that there were a large number of different health-related problems among the Yazidi IDP:s Our aim at the time therefore became to provide primary health care for the Yazidi IDP:s in one of the worse off camps and to implement preventive health care specifically for IDP:s in the Duhok province.

Like mentioned above the health care center is the heart of our work and except for being a medical clinic it also gives space for other activities such as education for the youth and empowering activities based upon the idea of sustainable strategic solutions. However all medical and non-medical activities arises from crowdfunding. If you would like to support our health care center mark your donation with “health care center”.



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