Adult literacy: enrollment begins

JHK volunteers today began enrollment of students for the first phase of our Yazidi Literacy Project.

Since the spring our volunteers in Kurdistan and Sweden have collaborated to produce the first ever literacy textbook specially for Yazidis, reflecting their conditions of life and local dialect. In October we held the first round of teacher training sessions. In the new year 200 Yazidi men and women at Bajed Kandala displaced persons camp will start a 5-month “literacy empowerment group programme” where they will learn to read and write their Kurdish mother tongue while participating in discussions about issues of importance to their local community. If this pilot project is a success we hope to expand the programme to Yazidis and other communities with high rates of illiteracy throughout Kurdistan.

We are extremely grateful to ALEF, Adult Literacy Empowerment Facilitators, and to Newzad Hirori of the Kurdish Library in Stockholm, for their expert assistance in this exciting project.

JHK recieves no government or UN funding. We are entirely dependent on private donations. If you would like to help support the Yazidi Literacy Project and other initiatives to help genocide survivors a brighter future, please consider making a donation.


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