Child poverty

Bajed Kandala camp is home to thousands of Yazidis who fled their homes to escape slavery or death at the hands of ISIS. Five years on they are still living in tents, unable to return to their homes and their livelihoods. As “internally displaced people” they receive no support from the UN or international organisations.


Child or family sponsorship

To support the most vulnerable children (with or without families) living in the camp we started the child sponsoring program in 2016. By becoming a sponsor you can give children the gift of having secured a meal and/or clothes and shoes.

When you sponsor a child you achieve a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the child and his/her family to secure the child’s caring and needs in the hardship of life in the camp.

The children in the child sponsorship program are from the poorest families in the camp and the situation for each one of them is assessed and evaluated individually by our professional health clinic team.The amount economical support given to each child/family depends on:

  • number of the children in the family
  • absence of one or both parents
  • health of adults and/or the head of family




The minimum amount of money per family with 2-3 children and 1-2 adults would be 50 USD. 

The minimum amount of money in a family with 7-8 children and 1-2 adults, both incapable to work and/or in bad health condition would be 110 USD.

If you WOULD like to sponsor a child or a family, name your donation “Child sponsor” and send it through one of our donation methods here.


Minimum donation is 25 USD for child sponsorship. Two or more people can together sponsor a large family. 

Food aid packages for families

At winter we usually look forward to gathering with friends and family to celebrate, make merry, to look forward and to reminisce But for refugees and internally displaced persons in Kurdistan, winter is a season of special hardship. Work and food is scarce. Ragged tents provide poor protection against the rain, the ice and the mud. 

Every winter JHK distributes food aid packages to the most deprived families at the camp. Each package contains rice, bulgur, meat, oil, tea, other basics and small treats so even the poorest families can share a few hearty meals over the winter festive season. It is thanks to your continuous donations and support we are able to provide for the families in most need. A winter relief package on behalf of your family or friends is a not just a beautiful gift – it makes a real difference.

A package for one poor family costs $30 (/300 SEK / €30)

If you like to provide food packages, name your donation “food package” and send it through one of our donation methods here.

Video: food package distribution preparations in dec 2019. See what one of our doctors has to say!

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