Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, consider giving a donation to JHK in the name of a friend or family member as a truly special and meaningful gift. 
For every donation you will receive an elegant, personalised digital certificate as a reminder of the tangible difference made to the lives of genocide survivors and displaced people.

Gift option 1: winter relief packages for needy families

Christmas is only one of many festivals observed around the world near the time of the winter solstice. The Yazidi winter festival Eda Rojiet Ezi  is traditionally marked by three days of solemn fasting followed by feasting and celebration. They give praise to God and celebrate the values of peace, brotherhood and reconciliation.  

But for poor families living in “displaced peoples” camps it can be hard to feel the festive spirit.  Winter is a season of special hardship. At this time of year work and food is scarce. Ragged tents provide poor protection against the rain, the ice and the mud.

Every December JHK distributes special winter relief packages to deprived and orphaned families in IDP camps. Each package contains some basic necessities, food, and a few special treats so even the poorest families can enjoy a few hearty meals together during the festive season.

Give a winter relief package as a Christmas gift on behalf of your family or friends, and help bring a little light in the December darkness. A package for one poor family costs $30

For each package you sponsor JHK will send an elegant, printable gift certificate made out to the person of your choosing.

To purchase a winter relief package please  fill out the  form below or email

Gift option 2. Sponsor a student – give the gift of literacy

We believe that education is essential to help genocide survivors rebuild their lives and take control of their future. Literate adults are more able to support their families, help children in school, start businesses, assert their rights and take part in civil society. Many Yazidis, particularly women, never had the chance to learn to read and write. 

 JHK has worked with local volunteers and international literacy experts to produce the first ever literacy textbook specially for Kurdish-speaking Iraqi Yazidis, reflecting their conditions of life and local dialect. Participants in the “literacy empowerment programme” meet twice a week for classes led by our specially trained facilitators, where learn to read and write their Kurdish mother tongue while debating issues of importance to their local community.

Why not give the gift of the written word this Christmas?

 A $75 donation covers the cost of teaching, books and other materials for one student for a five month literacy and empowerment course.

We will send an elegant, printable gift certificate made out to the person of your choosing.

If you would like to sponsor a student please  fill out the form below or email

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