Nemam Ghafouri Memorial Fund

Nemam Ghafouri dedicated her life to the cause of humanitarianism.  Doctor, aid worker, counsellor, fixer,  fundraiser, diplomat, advocate…. It is not easy to describe in a few words the ways she used her strength and courage to  bring hope to men and women who believed they had been forgotten.  The constant, in everything she did, was a belief in listening to the oppressed, in never speaking over but instead raising  awareness about their experiences and helping them achieve their needs and dreams. To everyone who doubted she said “of course we can move mountains!”

At Joint Help we are determined to continue the work Dr Nemam began.

The Nemam Ghafouri Memorial Fund will support projects that promote the rights, health, education and empowerment of marginalised people, in keeping with Dr Nemam’s values and spirit.

Read more about the Nemam Ghafouri Memorial Fund and how to become a founding donor. 

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