Rojava Special Appeal

(Northern Syria)

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Rojava, JHK has opened an emergency appeal to help us supply care, medicine and clothing to those forced to flee.

“Leave no one behind” is the central pledge of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, but the people of Rojava have all been left behind to face ethnic cleansing due to Turkeys invasion of Northern Syria, Several thousands have fled their homes and More than a 1000 have fled their homes and crossed the border into iraqi Kurdistan (source).

Yet again innocent children are suffering the most. A majority of the children, born before 2015 – which was when people started to return to rebuild their lives after ISIS – have already once lived as either a refugee and/or an IDP. As the Turkish attack reached the city of Kobane, the immediate action from the Kurdish forces and administration was to take care of orphaned children and evacuate them to safety. These orphans have lost their parents fighting ISIS and/or were found in the ruins of Raqqa. Also among them are several children whose parents were killed in July 2015, when Turkey opened a corridor for ISIS to attack civilians in the city and behead hundreds of people. JHK has started a fundraising campaign to raise our voices against the brutality. Thanks to people’s wonderful donations we have been able to buy clothes, food and sweets for these children and many other orphans to help ease their suffering. In addition, winter clothing is soon to be on the way to them.


DONATE TO THE ROJAVA SPECIAL APPEAL:  with card through FacebookPaypal, SWISH 0731919960 or Bank transfer


A brief summary of what JHK have done until date regarding the situation in Rojava:

  • The founder of JHK Dr Nemam Ghafouri has overseen the delivery of medical supplies and medicines to the Directorate of Health in Qamishli to be further distributed to hospitals. Tourniquets, bandages, burn dressings and other necessities was donated to our primary health care center at Bajed Kandala camp to be sent.
  • Distribution of emergency clothing to the injured in Rojava.
  • Many people have taken refuge in school buildings, however there are families who are scattered across the city and we are trying to locate and find as many as possible to give help. They get first medical assessment and if needed treatment.
  • Emergency support for displaced families from Sere Kani. Individual needs vary. We try to find those families who are in most difficult situation to give help food, medicine, clothes or where appropriate money they can use to purchase necessities themselves. This work is hindred by the fact that there are both IS sleeper cells and regime forces in the area so we have to take security measurements before going to any place.
  • Our mobile emergency health care team have been preparing themselves to be where needed when the refugees cross the border.
  • Our primary health care center team are prepared to recieve any refugees coming to Bajed Kandala.
  • We are trying to repair our bakery at Bajed Kandala to give food to arriving refugees (the bakery is one of our earliest projects and needs reparation to be fully functioning).
  • Continue our work to help the people.


Lämna dem inte ensamma! Insamling till de drabbade i Rojava

English low] due to turkey’s invasion and bombing in North-East Syria, we have a specific collection campaign to provide emergency health care to those arriving at the border between Iraq and Syria. Already in August, we feared that the situation could change to the worse and began preparing for possible Turkish attacks on northern Syria.

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