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The clinic at Bajed Kandala  camp is the heart and soul of JHK’s work. For six years we have provided vital care to thousands of displaced Yazidi families.  Throughout this time we have depended on the generosity of individual private donors, giving mostly on a one-off basis, to continue our work.

In the past year we have suffered a reduction in donations and the corona pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to fundraise in the ordinary way.  By committing to give every month you can help us ensure the clinic’s continued survival on a sustainable basis. Your subscription helps pay for staff, medicine, equipment, upkeep and electricity for a busy clinic helping over two thousand patients per month.

About the clinic

Bajed Kandala camp is located in the Dohuk province of Iraqi Kurdistan, near the triangle border with Turkey and Syria. The camp’s population are Yazidis, an ancient religious and ethnic minority who have survived centuries of persecution. They were driven from their homes by ISIS in 2014.

JHK clinic is the only healthcare provider for Bajed Kandala 2 camp and we aim to offer a full range of primary care services. In a typical month our doctor and nurses see over 2000 patients. The clinic is open 6 days a week and is equipped with three treatment rooms, lab and pharmacy.   Our mobile medical team make regular visits to displaced families in the surrounding villages and countryside who lack adequate access to healthcare facilities. In emergencies they also contribute to relief efforts further afield. Clinic staff are all themselves displaced people and most live in the camp.

Beside medical facilities, JHK field centre also houses  women’s centre, classrooms, meeting rooms and a small library. JHK’s work at Bajed Kandala encompasses far more than healthcare, and we depend on clinic staff and facilities for a whole host of activities, from language classes to youth sports to survivor rehabilitation programmes.

How to become a monthly donor

You can support us from anywhere in the world using credit/debit card or paypal account. Click the link, choose the amount you wish to give and check the “make this a monthly donation” box. Remember to include an email address if you wish to receive our newsletter.

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JHK senior physician, Dr Ahmed, with a patient at the clinic Bajed Kandala IDP camp.